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Sweet potatoes

Ever crave for something you ate during a holiday aboard? I actually wrote this post for my younger sister who has this problem. Since I moved to Tokyo, my 3 sisters have been taking turns to visit me every year. Each time Irene comes, this will surely be included in her must-eat list.  By the way, have you heard of Rapoppo  らぽっぽ ?

This popular chain store, selling pies and pastries using apples & sweet potatoes as main ingredients, can be found mostly in the underground train stations. Today I made their famous suito- poteto スイートポテト using sweet potatoes.  A perfect little afternoon snack which Irene has been craving for.DSC_2980

Sweet potatoes are one of the main crops that Japan produces. Every autumn, we are fortunate to be to able to buy freshly harvested sweet potatoes in the shops.  I particularly like those from Tokushima prefecture 徳島県 which produces the most amazingly sweet naruto-kintoki 鳴門金時.

Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber and high in nutrients. This gluten-free snack is indeed ideal not only for the little ones but also the old folks. Here’s the recipe and do give it a try.DSC_2990

Sweet potatoes

To make 6 pieces

What You Need

1 large-size of sweet potato (approx. 300-350g)
20g of butter
30g of sugar
2 tbsp of heavy cream
1 egg yolk
2-3 drips of vanilla essence
1 egg yolk for egg wash

Peel off the skin of the sweet potatoes and cut into pieces, approximately 2cm wide apart. Transfer them in a pot and fill it up with cold water generously. Bring to a boil over medium heat, then reduce to a simmer. Try not to cover the lid as it may cause the potatoes to get mushy. Leave them to cook for about 15 minutes or until tender.instruct1

Insert a fork to check, if you’re able to slide it all the way into the centre, it means the potatoes are ready. Drain away the water from the pot, leaving behind only the potatoes. DSC_2887

Break them in smaller pieces by using a potato masher. To have a smoother texture, I used a Japanese sieve (ura-goshiki  裏ごし器) as you can see below.  This job may look a little tedious, (in fact it is) it’s worth all hard work.  The paste is  incredibly smooth, I must say as silky as tofu. As a substitution, you can use a hand-held blender or an ordinary metal sieve to do the job too. paste 2

Return the paste in a pot and put back to low heat. Use a wooden spatula to stir paste continuously for 1-2 minutes. This is to help to remove the water content from the paste. Then one by one, add in butter, sugar, heavy cream, egg yolk and vanilla essence. Blend everything well together.

Continue to stir. Once you notice the paste doesn’t stick to the pot anymore, it’s ready to be removed from heat. Cool it down. Then divide the paste into equal portion of 6. Mould into your desired shape with clean hands. Place them on a metal tray. Brush the top of the paste with an egg wash. Then toast for 7-8 minutes.instruct2

You can serve them warm or chilled. I like both ways, a cup of green tea will compliment these suito-poteto really well. Excellent combination to serve.DSC_2954

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