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Kinpira Gobo sauté

“昔ながらのお母さんのおかず” – our mother’s old-fashioned side dish.

Kinpira Gobo  金平ごぼう  is definitely one of them. This traditional yet simple recipe is passed down by mothers from generation to generation. Japanese children are, of course, no stranger to it, they grew up eating Kinpira and I hope my kids too.

One main ingredient used is Gobo ごぼう, also known as burdock root. This rugged-looking long stem obviously doesn’t look appealing in any way, but it is a hidden gem with many great nutrients. It has excellent anti-aging power and helps to improve allergy problems.


Kinpira Gobo goes best with warm steamed rice. Tastes sweet and salty with a little tinge of spiciness, it is a versatile dish which allows me to serve it regardless breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whenever there’s leftover, I will just put them together with my onigiri or obento and turn them nicely into another delicious meal.

Kinpira Gobo sauté

For a 3-4 persons’ share

What You Need

120g of Gobo, shaved to thin strips
50-60g of carrot, julienned
40-50g of Konnyaku (optional)

2 Tbsp of soya sauce
1 Tbsp of mirin
1/2 Tbsp of cooking wine
1/2 Tbsp of sugar
1/2 Tbsp of sesame oil

1 Tbsp of roasted sesame seeds
A small handful of chilli threads for garnishing

Julienne/shave the carrot and gobo into strips of approx. 4cm long. In a hot pan, heat up the sesame oil. Throw in the cut carrot and gobo. Stir-fry them in high heat for 5-8minutes. Pour in the seasoning. If you are including Konnyaku, you can put them in the pan next. Give it a good stir and sprinkle some sesame seeds on top. instruct2
Replace the lid and then turn off the heat. Let it stream briefly. Once ready, serve them in your favourite bowl and garnish with strands of chilli thread if desired. Kinpira is served warm or chilled. It can be cooked ahead of time and stock up in the fridge for 1-2 days.  An ideal make-ahead dish!_DSC5592

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