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May < 30ºC

We are still in May, however a week of over 30ºC abruptly reminded us that we are heading closer to the hot summer, even though we haven’t got our Tsu-yu yet. 

Tsu-yu 梅雨 is the rainy season in Japan. Most parts of Japan will get to experience this month-long of  wet days except for Hokkaido, which is barely affected.

Just when I thought I’m done with storing away the warm clothing and stuffs, I find myself busy again – decluttering the cupboards in my kitchen, stocking up summer essentials like so-men そうめん, mugi-cha 麦茶 or anything that could help to ease off the stifling heat in summer.

It’s probably unconvincing especially from me, someone who comes from a tropical country to comment this. Summer in Japan is difficult, so much so to an extent that it often becomes unbearable. It’s hot, it’s humid, it’s suffocating and it’s really hot!

Gearing up, here is a part of my combat-the-heat summer  kit to share, starting from clockwise…

  1. Bamboo straw colander from Iwata’s Torigoe 岩手 鳥越 竹細工 蕎麦ざる
  2. Dried So-men noodles from Kawazaki 川崎製麺工場 島原手延素麺
  3. Dip sauce cup for soba or somen noodles from Baba 馬場商店 いろは そば猪口・菊紋
  4. Paper fan from Kuri-gawa 栗川商店/渋うちわ
  5. Chopsticks from Starnet 箸(桑節焼)
  6. Small dish from Kanoya Shinichiro 叶谷 真一郎の 豆皿
  7. Small bamboo tongs for picking up condiments



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