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Making Furikake with daikon leaves

Next  time when you have the chance to get hold of a full Daikon だいこん大根 with its leaves attached, remember not to discard them. Daikon greens are edible and they are the most nutritious part of all.  High in folic acid and vitamin C, Japanese know how to make full use of them in many dishes. This make ahead Furikake ふりかけ is one good example – a traditional rice topping.

Instant Furikake is very popular among Japanese mothers – they are convenient to serve, tasty and children love them. However, nothing beats homemade. Compare to shop-bought ones, these homemade are of course all natural, low in sodium and absolutely free from preservatives. You can eat all you want without feeling guilty at all! _DSC7125-1

Today I am serving my Furikake with a beautiful tray by Ozawa Kenichi 小沢 賢一. Made of walnut wood, this tray is elegantly crafted by hand. Ozawa Kenichi is a top-notch wood carver and well-known for his high degree of workmanship. It took months before I finally received, the wait was all worthwhile, really… :)

Making Furikake with daikon leaves

for a small bowl portion of approximately 150g 
Prep & cook time 15-20 mins

What You Need

180-200g of Daikon leaves
40-50g of  Chirimen-jako, tiny white sardines

1 Tbsp of salad oil
A small amount of Koikuchi Dark Soya Sauce to taste
A small amount of sesame seeds for garnishing

1-Cut off leaves.

Remove leaves from the Daikon top and give them a wash. Chop the leaves about 1cm apart.furikake-instruct1

2-Blanch chopped leaves.

In a pot of hot water, blanch the chopped leaves briefly to further remove impurities. Drain them off well after that.wash daikon leaves

3-Stir-fry Chirimen-jako and leaves together.

Heat up a fry pan with oil added. Throw in the Chirimen-jako and brown them slighty for 2-3 mins or longer if you prefer a crisper texture. Put in the blanched leaves next. Stir them well together while frying for another 5-8 mins.

4-Sprinkle salt and sesame seeds.

Stop the heat when everything gets dry and evenly mixed. Add in salt to taste and generously sprinkle sesame seeds on tofurikake-instruct2p.

5-Ready to serve.

You can eat them together with steamed rice,  warm or chilled. Alternatively make ahead and store well in fridge for 2-3 days._DSC7127

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