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Vegan Potage with Japanese Gobo

Feeling as if you’re eating dry twigs? You aren’t alone. Because they have so many health benefits, I cook them a lot at home. But my children never like them, I guess it’s inevitable. Burdock roots – Gobo ごうぼ never looks tempting enough to eat. So, guess what I did last night?

Picked up this bowl at pottery fair a couple of months ago. Totally love its rustic look! Great work by 高木 剛 Takagi Go!

With a little bit more of an effort, I turned into those soil-covered, branch-like Gobo into bowls of yummy creamy potage. Corn and Kabocha potage are very popular in Japan which often served together with children’s meals. When I brought out my Gobo potage ごぼうポタージュ, instead of shaking their heads telling me no, George and June couldn’t wait to tuck in. They had two helpings each and I was one happy mum last night._DSC7072

“Low-fat, gluten-free, all-vegan” are all inviting phrases we look out for these days. And this Gobo potage is just a perfect all-in-one.  Find out how you can do it here.

Vegan Potage with Japanese Gobo

for a 2 persons’ share
Prep & cook time 30 mins

What You Need

80g of  Gobo, shave to thin strips
90g of onion
1 medium size potato

1 cube of consomme stock
1 piece of bay leaf (optional)
200ml of water

200ml of soya milk
A few pinch of chopped spring onion
A small amount of  butter or any vegetable oil
Salt and pepper

1-Cut and slice vegetables.

Wash and shave the gobo into thin strips. Slice the onion and cut the potato into small dices.instruction1

2-Slightly cook vegetables.

In a pot, melt the butter, then lightly brown the onion. Sweat over a medium heat for 5 minutes before adding in gobo and potato. Cook, with the occasional stir for another 5 minutes to soften them.

3-Pour stock into pot.

Dissolve the stock cube in a cup of 200ml water. Then, pour into the pot with the bay leaf. Let it simmer for 15 minutes or until soft.instruction2

4-Blend and puree.

While there are other methods to puree the vegetables, I use a handheld blender this time. First, remove the bay leaf from the pot. Place the blender directly into the pot next and start blending. Move the blender around the pot to ensure smooth consistency of the puree.

5-Pour in milk.

When everything gets nice and smooth, pour in the soya milk and heat it up over low heat.  Do not over boil as the milk will turn grainy easily. Add in salt and pepper to taste.instruction3

6-Ready to serve.

Sprinkle some spring onions and pan-fried gobo slices if desired. Serve warm or cold._DSC7076

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