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How to peel off Yuzu (citrus) peels

Waste not! Never throw away your Yuzu peels. They are so aromatic, it would seriously be a great waste if you do that. Yuzu can be commonly found in every part of Japan during fall/winter and Japanese use them to spice up their dishes since the olden days. Because of their excellent citric flavour, more and more people get to know about Yuzu and they often use them in confectionery and bread. Not only the juice, Yuzu peels are considered as gems too! Carefully peels off from fruit and adds into dishes as yakumi. Here are a few ways how Japanese use them.

  • Untitled-1Add into noodles, salads or meat dishes and many more others
  • Dry and infuse in teas
  • Make salad dressings
  • Make jams, hot and cold desserts
  • Add into cakes, pastries and confectionery

Apart from using a grater, it is easy to remove the citrus peels with a paring knife too. Below shows detailed steps on how you can do it.

1- Remove the peel.

Wash the fruit thoroughly to remove any wax residue and impurities. Then put it in the fridge until it’s nice and cold. Cold citrus slices much finer and easier. Thereafter, use a paring knife to slowly remove the skin.DSC_7725

2- Remove white membrane.

The white membrane on Yuzu can be bitter to taste. To remove this bitterness, gently scrap it away with a paring knife, keeping only the peels.DSC_7727

3- Julienne in thin strips.

Next, julienne the peels to fine thin slices as shown. Like any other citrus peels, Yuzu peels can be tough to swallow if large pieces. So it is good to cut them finely.DSC_7734

4- Soak in water.

Give the peels a quick wash. Do not soak for too long as aroma from the peels will be washed away with water.DSC_7736

5- Drain off water.

Discard soaking water, leaving behind only the peels. You can use a strainer to drain off the water well too. DSC_7739

6- Pat dry.

Use a kitchen towel to pat dry the peels.  To enjoy its best, use as soon as possible. Otherwise wrap them up in a cling film and store away in the refrigerator. It will last for a few days to a week. DSC_7742

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