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Rich Creamy Corn Soup

Warm nights of summer are slowly going away, if they didn’t decide to make a comeback, we should be able to enjoy the most beautiful season of the year in a few weeks’ time! Oh glorious Autumn – how I have missed you!

Despite much complaints over the unbearable heat here in Japan throughout summer, we had tremendous fun with the children during our holiday trips. Setting off in an early morning, we took a 6-hour drive to Ise, in Mie Prefecture and spent 2 days visiting the Ise Grand Shrine and eating to our hearts’ content at the food stalls  along the famous alley of Okage-yokocho .DSC_0101

There we could find all sorts of delicious local specialities – Akafuku,  Matsuzaka beef, Ise Udon and Milk with sea salt soft serve were among our favourites. En route back home, we even stopped by the beach along Shizuoka for the children to enjoy a quick dip. Do children all like impromptu programmes? Mine just got so excited they were all over the place. 

Besides this, the most exciting thing we’ve done this summer was – we finally brought the children out on a camping adventure.  We’ve planned hard, even bought a tent and other equipments two seasons ago, but due to some last-minute hiccups, we only got to accomplish this year. Ah well, better late than never.


(back) Milk pot from Baba Katsufumi/馬場勝文‬, (front) Bowls from ‎Shimoya Yumiko/シモヤユミコ‬ ‪‬

On the contrary, it’s better to hurry than to be sorry later (lol) when comes to summer fruits and vegetables. Continue to enjoy them to the fullest before the season ends. So here I am today, counting down to Autumn with a few gorgeous summer recipes which I think I’m going to miss most.

First on the list – Rich Creamy Corn Soup. Uses the late summer sweetcorns fresh from Hokkaido, this creamy soup not only has got a marvellous sweetness, it gives a good real taste as if you are eating the corn itself. Very importantly, it is so easy to make, anyone can replicate. Check below to find out more.

Rich creamy corn soup

For a 3-4 persons’ share
Prep time 8-10 mins, cook time 30 mins

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What You Need

400g or 3 ears of fresh corn
80g or 1/2 of an onion
1 Tbsp of butter
150ml of water
100ml of whole milk
50ml of heavy cream
A pinch of salt & pepper to taste
A small amount of chopped parsley for garnishing


1- Husk, wash and shave corns.

Husk your corn and wash them in water to make sure all silk are cleanly removed. Hold firmly on the top end of the corn in a tray and use a sharp knife to slide through it, cutting off the kernels. Rotate and cut all sides until kernels are completely removed. Repeat for the remaining ears of corn. Do not throw away the bare corns. Break them into halves and together with the kernels, set them aside.corn1

2- Slice and wash the onion with salt.

Thinly slice the onion and transfer them to a large bowl. Add a pinch of salt, then give them a good toss to remove any impurities or foreign particles. Wash under running tap subsequently and drain away the water well by using a strainer. Set aside. corn2

3- Stir-fry onions with butter and add corns. 

Drop a tablespoon of butter in a pot. Over medium-high heat, add in the onions and stir until translucent. Next, throw in the corn kernels and cook for 3-5 minutes. Stir periodically to prevent burning. Pour in the water and drop the bare corn on top of the kernels. corn3

4- Puree corns to paste and smooth with milk. 

Put lid over the pot, reduce heat and let it simmer for 10-15 minutes. When it’s the time, take bare corn out from the pot. Still with the heat on, use a handheld blender to puree the corns to paste. You should get a rather smooth and watery texture. Pour in the milk and cream and gradually stir until smooth. Add in salt and pepper according to your preference. Finally, turn up the heat but do not over boil. Take the soup off the heat just before it boils over. corn4

5- Ready to serve. 

Scoop the soup into small bowls and garnish with some finely chopped parsley or cooked kernels if desired. Drizzle an extra bit of heavy cream on top and serve immediately. Serve it warm or cold. DSC_0080


If you have difficulties in finding fresh sweetcorns, it is fine to replace them with frozen ones.

To make this a vegan soup, simply use soya milk instead of whole milk. Heavy cream helps to thicken the soup, however potato can do the job well too. Use a medium-big sized potato, peel and dice into small cubes. Add them into pot and cook together with onion & corn kernels before blending.

A plant-based oil will be a good alternative option to replace butter.

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