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Teriyaki Salmon in homemade sauce

I was rushing to make a quick meal for my son the other day, before he left for his baseball practice. Opened the fridge and only to find out not even a drop of the Teriyaki sauce was left in the bottle. Ooooh… “why now!?”

Where Teri 照り means GLAZE and yaki 焼き means GRILL, Teriyaki is about glazing your grilled fish or meat with a delectable sweet savoury sauce.

Always been well-loved by Japanese, Teriyaki dishes 照り焼き料理 are also drawing more and more popularity around the globe these days. I am guessing it must be the addictive soy-sauce based glaze sauce applied on top of the meat that people like about.

Yes, in Teriyaki dishes, it’s all about the sauce. A fairly simple combination of soya sauce, mirin, cooking sake and sugar not only gives a drool-inducing glaze, it also adds an unique, sweet savoury umami taste – making your dish stands out and leaving people a lasting impression.   

One very famous example you probably have heard often is Teriyaki Chicken 照り焼きチキン, but there are more. In Japan, we teriyaki fish as well. These dishes are comparatively popular and make an excellent substitution for people who prefer fish to poultry.

Let me share one with you, here’s the quick and easy Teriyaki Salmon 照り焼きサーモン.

Make your own Teriyaki sauce in 2 easy steps!

Hadn’t I ran into that situation the other day, I wouldn’t have realised to make my own Teriyaki sauce can be such a hands down. What’s more amazing, there is no secret ingredient behind – only 4 basic condiments needed!

Step One : With a ratio of 1.5 : 1 : 1 : 1 – combine soya sauce, mirin, cooking sake and sugar (or honey) all in a saucepan.

Step Two : Then bring the mixture to a boil. As soon as the sugar melts, it will start to caramelise and the mixture will thicken and form a smooth glaze. Don’t forget to stir along the way to prevent it from burning.

As easy as pie, ditch your instant sauce and make your very own from today.

Teriyaki Salmon in Homemade Sauce

For 2 persons’ share  
Prep time 15 mins, cook time 10 mins

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What You Need

2 slices of salmon
2-3 pieces of shishito pepper
½ tsp of salt
2 tsp of plain flour
1 Tbsp of oil for frying

For teriyaki sauce

1½ Tbsp of Koikuchi dark soya sauce
1 Tbsp of mirin
1 Tbsp of cooking sake
1 Tbsp of sugar


1- Season fish with salt and coat with flour.

Gently rub salt onto fish fillets to marinate. Leave aside for 5-10 mins. Then use a piece of kitchen towel to remove any excess water on the fish. Coat a layer of flour over using a small sieve as shown. Next, spread them evenly with your hand and dust off the extra, leaving only a thin layer behind. instruct1-teriyakisalmon

2- Mix seasoning well and poke holes on shishito peppers.

While leaving the fillets to marinate, combine all seasonings in a small bowl and mix well. Wash and dry the shishito peppers. Cut away the stems and use a fork to poke holes on them.  instruct2-teriyakisalmon

3- Pan-fry fillets and shishito pepper.

Heat up the pan with oil and gently put fillets in, with skin facing down first. Under a low-medium heat, fry until the skin gets slightly crispy. Then with a spatula, flip the fillets over to the other side. Repeat this for a few times. Also fry the shishito peppers on one side of the pan. Remove both when they are browned and cooked.instruct3-teriyakisalmon

4- Make sauce and glaze with fish.

Using the same pan, briefly remove excess oil with a piece of kitchen towel first. Then pour in the seasoning and bring it to a boil under low heat. As soon as the mixture becomes thicker, turn off heat and return the fish and shishito pepper back to the pan. Coat them generously with the sauce, scoop out and serve warm with steamed rice.   instruct4-teriyakisalmon


Coating with flour not only gives a crisp texture, it also helps to hold the fillets together, preventing them from falling apart when pan-frying.

You can also replace plain wheat flour with rice flour.

What do I like about this dish?

Because I can make this so quickly (only 25mins), it has been appearing on my dining table, at least once a week! It’s a great weeknight dish for working mothers too.

I doubt I can do it though, I never like to clean, scale or gut a whole fish. Hence fixing a dish like this, using only fish fillets suits me best.

I particularly like homemade sauce, I can control the sweetness and there is absolutely no extra preservatives included. DSC_4321-1

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