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Luscious Matcha Tiramisù

If you think Japan is only a heaven for Sushi and Ramen, you can expect more. Here in the Land of the Rising Sun, it is also a Shangri-La for anyone with a sweet tooth.

My first trip to Depa-chika was an unexpected delight. The moment I entered the bustling food hall, other than hearing Irasshaimase repeatedly from all directions, what filled me with awe was a wide assortment of beautiful confectioneries lining up attractively in gleaming display counters.

Confectionery plays a big part in Japanese food culture.

Row after row, counter after counter – there were just so many to see, too many to choose from. Dainty little Nama-gashi 生菓子 and Hi-gashi 干菓子 were like works of art that almost too pretty to eat. Whilst colourful cakes and puddings looked so eye-catchingly irresistible, they literally lured me even from a distance away. I’m not kidding, that was a bewildering array of choices!


Traditional Wagashi (picture from Japan Wagashi Association)

I adore Wagashi but a bigger fan of Yogashi.

Delicate Wagashi 和菓子 are made to look beautifully exquisite and Japanese would present them like a symbol of importance, status and pride during traditional tea ceremonies, formal events and significant festive seasons. Yogashi, on the other hand, carries a more casual presence.

What is Yogashi 洋菓子? It’s a general term Japanese used for sweets and desserts that were being introduced to Japan from the western countries. Some popular ones even have unique Japanese seasonal flavours incorporated to create an ingenious new taste to suit palates of the local people. DSC_4142

Tiramisu x Matcha

So that’s how came about this Matcha Tiramisu 抹茶ティラミス which contrasts the old-fashioned one with taste and colour, I guess.

Matcha 抹茶  doesn’t sound too foreign to you, does it? For many centuries, Japanese enjoyed pairing up this powdered green tea with Wagashi. But of late, it became such a phenomenal ingredient among pastry chefs — there is an upward trend in Matcha-infused desserts all over the world.

Curious to know if Matcha goes well with the rich and velvety mascorpone cream filling? Well, I promise you’re going to be more than impressed…:)

Matcha Tiramisu

For a tray of 15.5×19.5×3.0cm (internal size) 
Prep time 20 mins, chilling time 4 hrs or overnight

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What You Need

240g of mascorpone cheese
100g of plain yoghurt
36 pcs. of small savoiardi lady fingers
A small amt. of edible gold leaf flakes (optional)

For matcha syrup

16g of matcha
80g of caster sugar
240ml of warm water

For whipped cream

240ml of whipping cream
60g of caster sugar


1- Make matcha syrup.

Sift matcha powder with a sieve, then pour 1/3 of the warm water into the bowl and stir continuously until it is completely dissolved. Add in sugar next and keep stirring as you pour in the remaining water. The syrup should have a smooth texture. instruct1-matchatiramisu

2- Whip cream.

Prepare 2 bowls – one larger than the other. In the larger bowl, fill 1/3 of it with cold icy water and a few ice cubes. Whereas in the smaller bowl, pour in the chilled cream and sugar.

Then place it into the larger bowl, hold firmly and beat the cream at high speed with a handheld blender. As it starts to thicken, slow down the speed but continue to beat until soft peaks form. instruct2-matchatiramisu

3- Make mascarpone cream filling.

Put mascarpone cheese and yoghurt together in a bowl and mix until they are consistently combined. Gently fold in the cream and set aside. This will be your mascarpone cream filling. instruct3-matchatiramisu

4- Assemble the first layer.

Place and arrange lady fingers neatly in the bottom of the tray. Gently pour the matcha syrup over – it should be just enough to wet the lady fingers and not soak them in the mixture. Then spoon half the mascarpone cream filling and spread it to a even layer.

5- Repeat step 4 with second layer then chill before serve.

Repeat the process with another layer of lady fingers and cream filling. Cover and chill for a few hrs or best overnight. Dust matcha powder generously on top just before serve.instruct5-matchatiramisu


Depending on the size of savoiardi lady fingers you use, the number of pieces required varies.

Use premium matcha for best result.

Make one day in advance and refrigerate overnight.

It is best to cover the tray when storing in the refrigerator as the cream may dry out very quickly.

What do I like about this dish?

Absolutely straightforward to make this Matcha Tiramisu, I don’t think we even need a recipe at all, maybe just to know what the ingredients are.

Simple and easy enough – it’s an excellent choice to make for your family and guests during home gatherings or parties. Spoil them more by sprinkling gold leaf flakes on top, making it looking exclusively beautiful and exquisite.

So luxuriously creamy – I myself feel pampered and re-energised by its overload richness.DSC_4221

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