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Hello there! Thank you for popping by Geri&Plates | eats what Japanese eat.

Geri&Plates is a little personal journal of mine where I share recipes of Japanese home cooking with a twist – alongside are my everyday life in Tokyo and unwavering addiction on Japanese pottery mostly.

The amateur author and photographer behind this blog – I’m Geraldine and a stay-at-home-mum. Like many, my life revolves a lot around my two school going children.

Having lived all my life in Singapore – until 13 years ago, I followed my heart (after 5 years of distance dating!) and moved to Japan. Sometimes when I think back, living abroad isn’t really like a walk in the park. While others find it glamorous, some may feel lonely on the other hand. Nevertheless, it has been an extraordinary journey for me so far.


I read about people’s stories on blogs and is inspired to share mine too. My thoughts as someone living away from family and friends and my experiences as a mother who raises her children in a foreign land.

In suburban Tokyo, I live with my Japanese husband and our two lovable rascals, George and June. When they were still young, I mainly hung out with the foreign community in my neighbourhood. After they started kindergarten, I’ve got chances to mingle more Japanese.

Strangely, many of them were curious about one thing in our family – “Do you cook Japanese and Singaporean food for your children?” When I answered Japanese – they were apparently surprised.

Well, not that I particularly love Japanese food, but since my children are mixed Japanese and we live in Japan, I believe all the more they should get used to the local food culture, tradition and of course its taste. It would be unfair to deprive them from that, hence I know I’ve to get to grips with those Japanese home dishes, even with no prior knowledge. For this, I owe it to those so-easy-to-understand Japanese cooking books.

Collecting pottery has been my unwavering indulgence for years. While I am, on the other hand, curious to know when it will stop, my collection is stacking up way too fast my tiny kitchen can ever take. I don’t have a solution to it, yet my buying activity continues.

I adore communicating with readers, sharing thoughts and answering your questions. I speak 4 languages – English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese and Japanese. So you have anything in mind, just ask or share! E-mail to me at geri.plates@gmail.com or drop a line here.

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Thank you and hang around … xoxo