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Welcome to Geri&Plates | eats what Japanese eat.

Ramen. Sushi. Tempura – 15 years ago in a twist of fate I embarked on a journey exploring boundless Japanese home cooking old & new. Now I’m sharing them here, though my favourite Japanese artisan craft & pottery. Mostly sharing what Japanese cook, what Japanese eat and what kitchen tools they use at home.

Still an amateur author and photographer behind this blog – I’m also a stay-at-home-mum. All four of us live in a small quiet town outside Tokyo where we get to enjoy beautiful scenery each time the season changes.

Through my children’s school network, I have more chances to interact with Japanese people. Very often, I would be asked this question, “Do you cook Japanese and Singaporean food at home?” When I replied Japanese food – they were usually surprised.

It wasn’t because I fancy Japanese food. But the fact is my children are mixed Japanese and all the more, we live in Japan – it would be utterly unfair to deprive them from the local food culture, tradition and of course its taste. I knew I needed to get to grips with making more decent Japanese home cooked food even with no prior knowledge.

I grew up in Singapore and living abroad certainly isn’t like a walk in the park to me. While others may find it glamorous, some can’t help but feeling lonely at times. For me, it’d been a valuable experience.


I read about people’s stories on blogs and is inspired to share mine too. My thoughts as someone living away from family and friends and my experiences as a mother who raises her children in a foreign land.

I welcome your thoughts and questions. So you have anything in mind, just ask or share! E-mail to me at geri.plates@gmail.com or drop a line here.

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