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Blueberry Banana Smoothie

For many years, I have kept my New Year’s resolution the same. I guess by far, this is the hardest goal I’ve ever tried to achieve. My doctor had warned it’s a high time that I grit my teeth, clench my fists and set my mind to it – ah, losing weight is no joke!

Honey-glazed Daigaku Imo

Immediately they came back from school, even before putting down their bags, George and June would come straight into the kitchen to keenly check what I’ve made for afternoon snacks. Actually both of them often grumble – grumble about me being strict with the kind of snacks they pick and eat.

Spicy Mentaiko Spaghetti

Seriously I’m not a massive fan of pasta, but I don’t know why I’ve got so hooked on this. Could it be, because it has a little spicy taste and drier in texture – the kind I always like in Chinese chow mein (stir fried noodles)? However don’t get me wrong, this Wafu Mentaiko Pasta 和風明太子パスタ is definitely not a chinese dish.

Yuzu bits in Chiffon cake

I know this isn’t the right season for this recipe, but sorry …! I didn’t want to see my last bits of Yuzu go into waste.  So today, here you go – Yuzu bits in Chiffon cake!  They are almost the same colour, so many people tend to easily pass lemon and yuzu as a same fruit. However, Yuzu’s unique oriental aroma with sense of sour bitter taste subtly give it away.

Creamy Japanese potato salad

I must have been so used to the way how Japanese make their potato salad, I haven’t tried making others for a while. How do you like your potato salad to be done? In crunchy chunks, the smooth fluffy mashed ones or something in between? Japanese potato salad, poteto-sarada ポテトサラダ is that something in between – slightly dense but smooth and creamy.

Vegan Potage with Japanese Gobo

Feeling as if you’re eating dry twigs? You aren’t alone. Because they have so many health benefits, I cook them a lot at home. But my children never like them, I guess it’s inevitable. Burdock roots – Gobo ごうぼ never looks tempting enough to eat. So, guess what I did last night?

Carrot & tuna salad

All done at the snap of a finger! Okay, maybe not a snap. But all you need is 5-8 minutes to make this Carrot & tuna salad にんじんとツナサラダ.  It’s a quick-to-fix starter recipe that comes in handy whenever I need to prepare a meal within 30 minutes or less. Anything with vinegar always gets an appetising tingle in the taste buds. This is no exception. Eat together with your main course or go simple, just with a slice of crusty bread, cream cheese and some marinated green olives. Yum!

Kinpira Gobo sauté

“昔ながらのお母さんのおかず” – our mother’s old-fashioned side dish. Kinpira Gobo  金平ごぼう  is definitely one of them. This traditional yet simple recipe is passed down by mothers from generation to generation. Japanese children are, of course, no stranger to it, they grew up eating Kinpira and I hope my kids too. One main ingredient used is Gobo ごぼう, also known as burdock root. This rugged-looking long stem obviously doesn’t look appealing in any way, but it is a hidden gem with many great nutrients. It has excellent anti-aging power and helps to improve allergy problems.