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Soba Noodle Salad with Onion Dressing

It’s hard not to fall for some cold noodles when the everyday temperature gradually going up. This week, I have been happily surviving on them. With a good combination of chicken meat and fresh summer vegetables, this Soba Noodle Salad with Homemade Onion Dressing is quick to fix, light in calories and presently my favourite!

Gomoku Fried Rice

As far as fried rice is concerned, I think we all know it’s a taboo to have sticky mushy rice all clumped together. Particularly for me, one who grew up eating mainly Chinese food, I make sure I go by that rule when I cook. My perfect kind of fried rice has to be light and fluffy while all grains looking pristine on the outside.

Spicy Mentaiko Spaghetti

Seriously I’m not a massive fan of pasta, but I don’t know why I’ve got so hooked on this. Could it be, because it has a little spicy taste and drier in texture – the kind I always like in Chinese chow mein (stir fried noodles)? However don’t get me wrong, this Wafu Mentaiko Pasta 和風明太子パスタ is definitely not a chinese dish.

Vegan Potage with Japanese Gobo

Feeling as if you’re eating dry twigs? You aren’t alone. Because they have so many health benefits, I cook them a lot at home. But my children never like them, I guess it’s inevitable. Burdock roots – Gobo ごうぼ never looks tempting enough to eat. So, guess what I did last night?

Carrot & tuna salad

All done at the snap of a finger! Okay, maybe not a snap. But all you need is 5-8 minutes to make this Carrot & tuna salad にんじんとツナサラダ.  It’s a quick-to-fix starter recipe that comes in handy whenever I need to prepare a meal within 30 minutes or less. Anything with vinegar always gets an appetising tingle in the taste buds. This is no exception. Eat together with your main course or go simple, just with a slice of crusty bread, cream cheese and some marinated green olives. Yum!

Potato korokke in Airfryer

To handle a faddy eater at home is never a happy task for a mum. My daughter never likes meat. Why is she so?  It’s something  I’d like to find out too.  I dare to say I’ve tried many ways to make my dishes as appealing as I could to “lure” her into eating. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail hard. Here’s one I succeed, Pear-shaped like Korokke コロッケ.