In season now

Fruits and vegetables taste best when we eat them in season. However, with all advanced technology to grow vegetables in temperature-controlled greenhouses and convenience of air-flown fresh produce from abroad, it isn’t too difficult for us to forget what seasonal food is all about.

Japanese, on the other hand, embrace the arrival of each season enthusiastically, with food particularly! “Eat what’s in season” is very much in their food culture. Serving Japanese daikons and chinese cabbages in hot pots during winter are an absolute must, while Spring is never considered complete without indulging in the renowned Tochiotome strawberries.

(March – May)

Bamboo shoot, Lettuce , Asparagus, Peas

(June -August)

With summer finally came upon us now, it is a good time to prepare and learn how to ease our body from the soaring temperatures. By eating in-season vegetables and fruits in particular, can naturally and effectively help to reduce internal heat in our bodies. Below shows some prominent ones, include these foods in your summer diet to stay well-hydrated and healthy.summer veggies & fruits

|cabbage| chili pepper| cucumber| eggplant| edamame|garlic| ginger|
|green bean|green pepper|lettuce| rhubarb| myoga shiso leaves|sweet corn|
|tomato|water spinach|sakuranbo| melon|watermelon|peach| grape|


|button mushroom|carrot| gobo|japanese yam|
|lotus root |maitake mushroom |matsutake mushroom| nameko mushroom|
|potato|onion|pumpkin|shiitakeshimeji mushroom|sweet potato|taro|

|Pear| Chestnut| Persimmon| Apple| Mandarin orange|


Japanese Daikon, Leek, Chinese cabbage, Spinach, Broccoli, Turnip, Burdock root, Lotus roots, Komatsuna, Mizuna, Broccolini


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