What is Yakumi?

Spice up your Japanese dishes a little bit more with Yakumi 薬味 やくみ!

They are the natural condiments that not only bring extra fragrance to your cooking, they also help to work up your appetite. I love to sprinkle some Shiso leaves, garlic, leek, yuzu fruit, wasabi, grated daikon, chilli, ginger and sesame seeds over the top of my dishes as a finishing touch.

By itself, some tend to have an unpleasantly strong, pungent smell or taste which can be a turn-off sometimes. However, soon you will find yourself loving them.  DSC_2988

How do we eat with Yakumi?

Because of their pungency, they give a distinct taste, texture or fragrance hence in a way bringing out more flavour of the main dish. They are usually served in tiny portions, you can sprinkle as topping, serve on a small saucer or simply drop a small bit at the side of the dish.

Below is a variety of ready-made yakumi available on the market.

Ready-made Yakumi in various forms

ra-yu ginger wasabi
yuzu-koshou karashi goma
garlic paste    

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