Sesame Oil, Goma-abura ごま油

sesame oil group

3 kinds of sesame oil I always keep in my kitchen

Sesame oil comes from sesame seeds.  It is a unique condiment which no other oil can really substitute. Just a dash adds rich and nutty flavour to your dishes. In general, there are two kinds of sesame oil:-

White Sesame Oil 白ごま油 / Light 

  • Made from unrefined and unroasted sesame seeds.
  • Produced by cold pressed method, hence greatly retained the real taste of raw sesame seeds.
  • Clear in colour and has a mellow aroma which makes it suitable for salads, pan-fry dishes or even bakery.
  • An excellent choice when making dip sauce. 

Roasted Sesame Oil ごま油 / Dark

  • 100% virgin oil being extracted from roasted sesame seeds.
  • Has a stronger flavour and aroma compared to white sesame oil.
  • Colour intensity depends on the amount of heat and number of hours used to roast sesame seeds. Roasting the seeds under high temperature over a long period of time will give a darker and more flavourful oil.
  • Rather than a cooking oil, sesame oil is more like a finishing oil. Complete your dish by adding a little drizzle just before you serve.
  • Suitable for asian salads and many stir-fry dishes.

I always try to keep these 3 kinds of sesame oils in my kitchen. I use white sesame oil when making Tamago-yaki (Japanese egg-roll). Though mild, it adds subtle flavour to the egg roll. Korean roasted sesame oil has a more intense flavour compared to Japanese roasted sesame oil.  I  would recommend you to stick to it whenever you need for your Korean dishes. Japanese roasted oil are for my Japanese or Chinese stir-fry dishes, eg. stir-fry beef slices with asparagus, Japanese nabe or yaki-soba. There are just to many ways to use sesame oil.

Also see Sesame seed, Go-ma ごま

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