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Yuzu bits in Chiffon cake

I know this isn’t the right season for this recipe, but sorry …! I didn’t want to see my last bits of Yuzu go into waste.  So today, here you go – Yuzu bits in Chiffon cake!  They are almost the same colour, so many people tend to easily pass lemon and yuzu as a same fruit. However, Yuzu’s unique oriental aroma with sense of sour bitter taste subtly give it away.

How to make Yuzu Marmalade

Tastes like a bit of each between a lemon, mandarin orange and grapefruit, Yuzu fruit is said to be a little gem of the world. Yuzu 柚子 ゆず is a seasonal winter fruit in Japan. Somewhere near the south coast of Japan in Kochi  高知県  produces the most within the country. Despite having an exclusive taste, Yuzu fruit isn’t used entirely for eating.  Its citrus power releases a tangy and refreshing aroma when is being infused in hot bathwater. On Touji 冬至 – winter solstice day, there is a tradition for Japanese to have a Yuzu bath. They believe a hot bath all filled with Yuzu fruits would warm them, boost up immune system from winter illnesses and heal skin problems amidst the freezing temperatures.