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Creamy Japanese potato salad

I must have been so used to the way how Japanese make their potato salad, I haven’t tried making others for a while. How do you like your potato salad to be done? In crunchy chunks, the smooth fluffy mashed ones or something in between? Japanese potato salad, poteto-sarada ポテトサラダ is that something in between – slightly dense but smooth and creamy.

Potato korokke in Airfryer

To handle a faddy eater at home is never a happy task for a mum. My daughter never likes meat. Why is she so?  It’s something  I’d like to find out too.  I dare to say I’ve tried many ways to make my dishes as appealing as I could to “lure” her into eating. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail hard. Here’s one I succeed, Pear-shaped like Korokke コロッケ.